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12 hours of online training and instruction in URDG 758, the rules governing the operation of demand guarantees.

Four hours of structured training in all aspects of the URBPO, from the basic concepts through to a detailed analysis of the rules. The course will help you understand how the new BPO Rules will operate in practice.

The course allows for training in the traditional international trade finance products:

12 hours of online training in the operation of letters of credit and the application of UCP 600.

ISP Master contains over 12 hours of online training and instruction in ISP98, the rules governing the operation of Standby LCs/ independent undertakings.

Six hours of online instruction designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of documentary credit professionals.

6 hours of online training divided into 3 Modules:

Incoterms® Rules Module

Case Studies Module

Assessment Module

12 hours of advanced online instruction and training in letter of credit practice designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of experienced documentary credit professionals.

The course will provide in-depth knowledge of collections processes and the ICC’s Rules for Collections, URC 522.

Eight hours of structured training comprising a series of interactive lessons explaining the ICC arbitration process and procedures, the roles of the players and the application of the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration plus two lessons focussing on the key issues of interim and conservatory measures and costs. The course also includes an assessment.

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