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Insights into UCP600: Collected Articles from DCI 2003 to 2008

Insights into UCP 600 is a collection of expert commentaries following the debate on the main issues in the new ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits from its inception through its final implementation in 2007.

Edited by Ron Katz, DCInsight is the most respected magazine in the field of documentary credits. Insights into UCP 600 contains almost 70 articles on UCP 600 written for the magazine DC Insight during the five years from 2003 to 2008: 39 articles written prior to the adoption and 30 articles after the adoption of UCP 600.

Covering topics including negotiation, documents lost in transit, discounting deferred payment obligations, “reasonable time” and “without delay”, these articles constitute an invaluable record of the history of the new ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits for practitioners and laypersons alike.

 Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0282-9
 Number of pages : 315
 Publishing date : 2008
 Language : English
 Format in cm : 16*23.9


 1.    Articles written prior to the adoption of UCP 600

  • The Insight interview: Nicole Keller / The shape of the new UCP
  •  “Inconsistencies and ambiguities about [UCP’s] meaning ought to be banished to the past” by Roger Graham
  • “The UCP 500 transport articles need to be revised” by T.O. Lee
  • The Insight interview: John Turnbull / “The UCP needs to stand on its own”
  • The Insight interview: Charles Debattista / A transport expert’s recommendations for the new UCP
  •  “Negotiation”: no benefit to beneficiaries by Reinhard Längerich
  • A call for clearer drafting in the next UCP by Roger Graham
  • A trader’s wish list for UCP 600 by Frank Reynolds
  • The Insight interview: Ole Malmqvist / Candid views from a member of the UCP Drafting Group
  • Negotiation credits, value and nominated banks by John Dolan
  • What traders expect from the new UCP by Mark Ford
  • The Insight interview: Laurence A.J. Bacon / Some key issues in the UCP revision
  • Notes from the UCP Drafting Group by UCP Drafting Group members
  • Another view of notice “without delay” disposal and preclusion by John Dolan
  • The transport sector views UCP 600 by Mark Ford
  • An argument for smaller-scale UCP revisions by Roger Graham
  • Delete “reasonable time” and “without delay” from the UCP by N.D. George (CDCS Distinction)
  • The Insight interview: René Müller / Confronting the tough issues in the UCP revision
  • In support of electronic UCP revisions by Åke Nilson
  • On “reasonable time” and holding documents at the disposal of the presenter by Pavel Andrle
  • Discounting deferred payment obligations by John F. Dolan
  • Documentary credits: what law should apply? by Jeremy Smith
  • Another take on negotiation by Bojan Zidar
  • “Reasonable time” – a US perspective by Donald R. Smith
  • The Insight interview: John Turnbull / The Chair of the UCP Consulting Group on the latest UCP draft
  • Addresses, agents and transport documents by Heinz Hertl
  • Pluses and minuses in recent UCP drafts by Hennie T.J. van Diemen
  • Availability of credit and negotiation by King-Tak Fung
  • When is a B/L not a B/L? by Laurence A.J. Bacon
  • Expert commentary: Ole Malmqvist / UCP 600 “key issues” reconsidered
  • Reimbursement rights of a “discounting” nominated bank by Jim Barnes
  • The Insight interview: Carlo di Ninni /  Some real problems with the definition of “bank”
  • Transport articles in the draft UCP by Professor Charles Debattista
  • UCP revision: the last six miles by Kim Christensen
  • A call for consistency with transport conventions by T.O. Lee
  • Who speaks for the exporter? by Laurence A.J. Bacon
  • Negotiation is not always what bankers think it is by Donald Smith
  • The Insight interview: Kim Chalmer / A representative of the transport industry considers UCP 600
  • Online training and resources for UCP 600 by Derek Ennis


2.    Articles written after the adoption of UCP 600

  • A look back at the UCP revision by Gary Collyer
  • UCP 600: “A document restoring the credibility of L/Cs” by Pradeep Taneja
  • The final UCP 600: A trader’s view by Frank Reynolds
  • The new UCP: “A major opportunity missed” by Jeremy Smith
  • “All products need to be reinvigorated” by David Meynell
  • UCP 600: A shipping association’s view by Peter Holst
  • The Insight interview: William Cameron / Balancing the pluses and minuses of the revision
  • “An improved UCP that has solved many problems” by Reinhard Längerich
  • Negotiation credits under UCP 600 by John Dolan
  • UCP 600 and bank responsibility for fraud by Jim Barnes
  • The irrevocable credit and UCP 600 article 32 by N.D. George
  • UCP 600: a reaction from the Middle East by Mohammad Burjaq
  • Should future UCP revisions be carried out differently? by Boris Kozolchyk
  • A lawyer’s personal welcome to the new UCP by Brooke Wunnicke
  • Reports from the UCP seminars by Frank Reynolds and Donald Smith
  • SWIFT UCP 600 Usage Guidelines by James Wills
  • Transport articles: the shipping industry’s perspective by Emily Comyn
  • A practical approach to the new UCP by Kim Christensen
  • Banks gear up for UCP 600 by Mark Ford
  • A summary of the updated ISBP by Haluk Erdemol
  • The Insight interview: Donald Smith / Relating the ISBP to the UCP
  • Should B/Ls have been excluded from UCP 600 article 17? by Saku Heiskanen
  • Ambiguities in the new UCP by Pavel Andrle\
  • Issues and challenges under UCP 600 by Mark Ford
  • Loss of documents and UCP 600 article 35 by N.D. George, CDCS (Distinction)
  • UCP 600: issues and question marks by Radek Dobás
  • Excluding UCP articles: a troublesome trend by Pavel Andrle
  • Reports from the UCP seminars (part 2) by Frank Reynolds and Donald Smith
  • The anatomy of “shipment” in L/C transactions by Kim Christensen