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Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry was incorporated under a decree issued by late H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Hmaid Bin Rashid Al Nu’aimi in 1977, stipulating that the chamber shall be a legal entity with an independent financial status practicing such authorities and powers invested to it under the provisions of the law applicable in Ajman Emirate, and that it shall have full competence to achieve its objectives. Among the objectives of the chamber are to:

  • Enhance the emirate’s economic position, show its commercial, industrial, and agricultural capabilities, and promote the emirate’s economy and its commercial, industrial, and agricultural institutions
  • Cooperate with the relevant authorities in all matters concerning the commerce, industry, and agriculture
  • Establish friendly ties among the chamber’s members, in addition to establishing such relations with other chambers of commerce and industry inside and outside the UAE
  • Introduce the local products, open the markets abroad for them, and act on expanding such economic exchange and cooperation with other countries
  • Take part in promoting the ethical awareness in commercial transactions
  • Take care of the chamber’s members’ interests, provide such services, information, and data.

The chamber is regarded as one of the most important establishments and departments serving the private sector as it acts on representing the economical interests of the establishments and the individuals in an aim to develop and enhance its economical roles through providing various services and by representing the sector’s interests before governmental authorities.

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