ICC UAE Membership

ICC UAE has a dynamic and expanding membership network of independent professionals and corporates, ranging from the sole proprietor, through small to medium companies (SMEs) right up to multinational organizations.

Members of ICC UAE are driving immense changes and unprecedented progress regionally and globally and propelling ICC UAE on to momentous achievements.

Becoming a member of ICC UAE and taking a role in the workstreams in the active commissions of ICC UAE automatically engages  you as a Commission Member of the ICC,  the World Business Organisation.

ICC UAE - Membership Structure

ICC UAE provides a clear channel to gain access and connectivity to more than 45 million companies and organizations within the global ICC membership network across the world.

The channels for membership have been streamlined as two options:

  • Corporate Members

    The corporate membership model facilitates the representation for all corporates whether they are small, medium or large enterprises. Each corporate may nominate multiple nominees to ICC Commissions. The number of nominees that may be appointed is determined by the needs of the business and the selected membership contribution.

    Corporate Nominees shall hold one vote each when important decisions are being made on the advancement of policies, procedures and international rules of practice.

  • Independent Professional Members

    Independent Professional membership allows individuals to join ICC UAE as active individual members without having to be part of or represent a corporation. The Independent Professional Member (IPM) may find it valuable to indicate their membership in their profile, brochures, websites and social media.

    Each IPM may exercise their sole voting right when important decisions are being made on the advancement of policies, procedures and rules of practice.

Benefits of ICC UAE Membership

ICC UAE Members enjoy the following privileges:

Most Benefits

As ICC members, company executives and Independent Professional Members have connectivity through their ICC National Committees  with ministers and international officials right up to the heart of intergovernmental groups such as the G20 and the United Nations.

ICC members actively contribute to ICC initiatives at a local, regional and global level and engage in the development and implementation of ICC policy projects. ICC members gain opportunities for career enhancement and interact with other business professionals who are also intent on playing an important part in the advancement of trade and international business.

Gain full access to an array of ICC services and commissions. Members also gain the opportunity to have direct input into the development of ICC rules, policies and international standards through their nomination to the dynamic commissions of the World Business Organization.

ICC members exercise an active role within the ICC by joining ongoing projects and task forces that represent and advance across varying and multiple business disciplines.

ICC members have access to a peer group which acts as an exchange forum to communicate independent perspectives on important business practices, challenges and the development of business and trade within the network of members and ICC commissions from around the world.

Membership Fee

Nominees to Commissions and Voting Rights *

Membership Renewal Fee
5% vat included in price

How To Become A Member

Membership Applications will be welcomed by the ICC-UAE Secretariat based on a newly revised, simplified and streamlined process.

  • Membership form filled, signed and stamped
  • The passport copy of the signatory
  • Trade License copy of the company

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