ICC welcomes new principles for the future of Internet and calls for global cooperation


Following the launch of the Declaration for the Future of the Internet at the White House today, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has issued the following statement welcoming the new principles and calling for effective global multilateral cooperation.

“An open, stable and trusted Internet that is global and interoperable is vital for business operations worldwide and a prerequisite to the effective functioning of public services such as education and health care as well as to the way citizens interact with their government.

“ICC and its network of 45 million business worldwide share a core belief that ICTs and digital technologies, when used responsibly and equitably, can create opportunities for everyone, transforming lives and communities as a formidable engine of innovation, competitiveness and sustainable economic growth. This unique potential can only be fully harnessed if the fundamental nature of the Internet as an open, interconnected and interoperable network of networks is preserved and if the rights, freedoms, trust and safety of all peoples on the Internet are maintained.

“The principles set out in the Declaration for the Future of the Internet are the right steps in this direction. They promote (i) a stable legal and regulatory environment for human-centric connectivity, (ii) open markets and trusted free flows of data that enable innovation and growth, (iii) a holistic approach to policymaking and (iv) multistakeholder Internet governance – the four building blocks ICC identifies as crucial for sustainable digitalisation.

“We commend the partner governments on this important initiative. That said, progress on the implementation of these principles will only be possible through effective global multilateral cooperation, grounded in the input and expertise of stakeholders, including business, civil society and the technical community.

“ICC is looking forward to contribute to such efforts by working with governments and businesses worldwide to improve shared understanding on how ICTs and digital technologies work in practice; co-create incentives for investment and innovation; and co-design common frameworks to unlock a digitally-enabled better future for people and the planet.”

The Declaration for the Future of the Internet is a political commitment among partners to advance an affirmative vision for the Internet and digital technologies.

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